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Summer learning loss is a very real phenomenon that can affect your child's math, writing, vocabulary, and other academic skills. To be sure that your child's grammar won't suffer because of their summer vacation, here is how you can help them practice it at home.

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Grammar

Read Every Day

Summer break gives your child enough free time for them to lose themselves in books and other reading material. Motivate them to do at least 20 minutes of reading a day, so they can work on their grammar, vocabulary, and more.

Ensure They Write

Writing can have quite a few benefits as well: it helps your child express their feelings and thoughts, work on their creativity, and improve on certain academic skills. Provide a notebook where your child can document their break, as they sharpen their grammar.

Talk to Them

Having conversations with your child can be a fun bonding experience. Moreover, through them, they'll hear the correct way to speak from you. Likewise, you can notice if they make a grammar mistake as they talk, and correct them on the spot.

Use of Other Practice Material

Even if your child is on a break, you can still search online for grammar practice sheets that they can complete. Furthermore, there are games and apps aimed at helping children strengthen their grammar. Make use of these materials, so your child can learn.

Help Your Child's Grammar with Tutoring in Clemson-Seneca SC

Another way to ensure your child's grammar won't deteriorate due to the break is to enroll them in one-to-one sessions at The Tutoring Center, Clemson-Seneca SCCall (864) 481-0481 for more information on summer tutoring in Clemson-Seneca SC, or to schedule a free consultation.


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